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Value-based negotiation workshop for HR & Labor Relations professionals and unions

Are you a HR or Labor Relations professional dealing with unions on a daily basis? Or union representative and frequently sitting at the negotiation table with your employer? Are you negotiating your collective agreements in a challenging environment? Have you ever felt destabilized when dealing with personal attacks? Have you ever thought there must be another way to deal with social concertation?

As former HR and Labor Relations professional I know your struggles all to well…

During this workshop, I will guide you in turning the tide and teach you how to do value-based negotiations, from a firm foundation of self-worth. You will discover how to create a wider space for collaboration: i.e. baking a bigger and better cake together rather than fighting for a tiny slice of a tasteless cake.

In this workshop I will open the door to self-worth without taking you to a yoga or mindfulness class. You will come away with new awareness and practical ways to:

  • Find strength in the face of change, uncertainty, and setbacks during negotiation.

  • Recover swiftly from setbacks and disappointments.

  • Discover fresh courage and confidence to express yourself at the negotiation table.

  • Improve productivity, teamwork, and creativity between employer and unions.

I am facilitating this workshop as part of the Self-Worth Academy. Contact me here for a discussion on how to tailor the approach to your organizational needs. I can provide this workshop in person (if covid measures permit) or online through Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet, etc.