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Awakening Consulting & Coaching offers several services to professionals and corporations

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Awakening Consulting & Coaching offers several services to professionals and corporations ranging from job coaching to HR & Labor Relations consultancy, to recruitment and ad hoc HR interim management.

My passion is to awaken the hero within people, make them feel connected with the greatness in them, make them aware of their talents & strengths, make them see they are a part of the big puzzle and that their contribution matters. My goal is to plant seeds of success in as many people as I can and to motivate others to join me on my journey.

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Life, like art, is ever evolving… Take your time, make bold strokes, and MAKE YOUR LIFE the most beautiful masterpiece.

Jim Rohn

Don’t die with your music still in you.

Dr Wayne Dyer

When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.


Awakening Coaching

Are you on a crossroad and thinking about a career move? Is your current job not a fit with your professional and personal needs anymore? Do you want to make an impact and think about a career transition? Are you considering a career re-invention and perhaps launching your own business? Or do you want to grow your career in your current company, but you do not know how?


Awakening Consulting

Are you a HR or Labor Relations professional dealing with unions on a daily basis? Or union representative and frequently sitting at the negotiation table with your employer? Are you negotiating your collective agreements in a challenging environment? Have you ever felt destabilized when dealing with personal attacks? Have you ever thought there must be another way to deal with social concertation?



Have you ever paid a recruitment agency and ended up doing the selection yourself after having received a bunch of resumes via email? Were you sent candidates which were not meeting the basic job requirements? Do you still have challenges to find the right talent to fill in your vacant positions after engaging with a recruitment firm? Do you feel you are just a number and do not receive the service you are paying for?